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Pantostamp is a consolidated reality in the injection molding industry. Founded in 1976 by Bernardo Scalici that after some experience as a toolmaker employee decides to undertake the business venture producing special parts for injection molds. Already after a few years, the company sees its growth in the complete production of injection molds for plastics. Pantostamp  for the last two decades has focused its core business in the packaging sector, designing and producing multi-cavity molds with high quality technical content.

Today Pantostamp is a supplier-partners assisting the customer during the entire production process, from design to the beginning of the production with the mold, establishing itself as a protagonist with the top industries of the molding industry.



Our mission is to design and produce molds with high technical and qualitative content. The customer service and collaboration throughout the entire manufacturing process are determined in order to promote the most effective placement of the product on the market and the faster response to their expectations.

Pantostamp is a supplier – partner, who is studying product requirements together with the customer, in order to set the specific design characteristics of the mold based on the needs of the customer to reach, following the most appropriate process, the best value in terms of quality/price .

Research with new materials, reduce cycle time and energy consumption, it is the subject of some political value that Pantostamp offers to its customer. Product development is increasingly the result of upstream activities of executive cooperation; the team of specialists and the ability to interact effectively are the basic components of success.


The development of economies without a sustainable planning, or respect for energy and environment is over. Each company must perceive with great clarity the impact of Sustainability topic on its economy and future development. Every product, every process, every structure or activities must evolve for sustainability, considering the whole life cycle, creating and spreading this new culture.

The threat to the opportunity with green marketing, increasing consumer awareness on environmental and energy risk, is progressively inducing different behaviors in their purchasing decisions. As for low-energy light and many other topics, any innovation that promises tangible progress in sustainability it is increasingly becoming a preferred choice. Energy and environment issues are driving the business. The conviction of Pantostamp on issues of sustainability and social responsibility has influenced decisively the corporate strategies.

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